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Get Fit No Excuses Summary- Year 2 Weeks 3 and 4

Welcome back to Year 2 Week 4 of my #Operation #GetFit No Excuses! I was dealing with many epilepsy related issues last week so I didn’t post an update.

I want to start off by sharing some great news about my #Padrone’s health #progress. If you didn’t know, he was in the hospital in March 2018 and diagnosed with high blood pressure, high #cholesterol, #diabetes, a #heart #problem, slight #emphysema, and high acid in his blood. At the time, he was smoking 2-3 packs of cigarettes per day, #not #exercising, and eating very #unhealthy foods.

After his hospital stay, he realized that he had to make drastic changes if he wanted to continue to live and stay productive. He #stopped #smoking, changed his eating habits, lost 15 kilos and is much better today. He had a 1 year checkup and everything looks great except his cholesterol, which is slightly high still, and he was prescribed medication for it.

Due to his special dietary needs, as well as his picky taste buds, I’ve taken an interest in cooking and trying to come up with a healthy and tasty variety that he will enjoy while staying within the confines of his dietary restrictions. I have never liked cooking in the past but now I’m looking at it as a challenge as well as something fun and new to learn.

For myself, I’ve implemented a new workout schedule in which I workout 4 days, take off 1, workout 3 days and take off 1. We shall see how this works with my weight and how my body responds over the next few months.

I also rotate my 30 minute workouts each day from standing mixed cardio/toning, chair cardio, continuous crazy dancing, walk at home, strength training, and yoga. For me, the constant rotation keeps me interested as well as keeps my body where I want it to be health wise.

I’ve kept my vegetarian diet also and am continuing to maintain my weight around 67/68 kilos, depending when I check my weight. I do have cheat days in which I will eat something sweet. Padrone also usually cheat eats with me on these days.

Now on a last note, I have gotten so many encouraging words from followers and friends throughout different social media platforms, but I have also gotten comments from people who tell me things like ‘They wish they could do what I do in quotation’, ‘ They wish they had my willpower to lose weight‘, ‘They can never lose weight themselves but they like watching my journey’, and one that I hear most often, ‘I don’t have the time that you do. How can I find the determination to be on a diet and stick to it?’

My advice to anyone that is wanting to get healthy, change their eating habits, or just add a little bit of exercise to their life, is to just do it. It is hard and it’s a very long journey to walk, but you have to do it for you. Nobody else can do it for you. No one can hold a gun to your head and make you exercise and eat right every day for the rest of your life. You have to find a reason and stick to that reason. You have to find your own self-motivation. Because believe me, if I can do it, so can you!

Thank you for your continued support through my journey. It is been a long winter so far but I’m hoping year 2 will be even better than last year. See you next week!

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