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Is D/s Possible to Live 24/7?

D/s is possible 24/7.

It takes work and patience, #trust, open #communication and knowing each other very well. I am a slave and I always remember my status and place. In any situation, I always think about how Padrone would guide me. #Padrone never forgets his responsibilities in having a slave.

The life as a 24/7 #slave is what I have always wanted. It is a part of my very nature, to serve and please my Padrone. For Him to have very strict control on me shows I am very loved and cared for. With all of the rules in place and restrictions I have, Padrone does that very well.

Living in a D/s #relationship is extremely interesting and at times very challenging.

You really do have to change your whole way of thinking, and of how you look at life. When I first began talking to Padrone, I didn't think that I would end up being collared by Him, let alone become His life partner and move in with Him as His slave. However, as time went on, it became obvious to us both, that what we have is something rare and special, and though it may not be everyone’s idea of paradise, for us, it is a winning combination.

A lot of people in the #Lifestyle may think that living in a #twentfourseven would be the ultimate, and for me it is. But, there are many speed bumps to be negotiated along the way. The simple act of living together is difficult enough in a vanilla relationship, but when the relationship is D/s, it brings a whole new set of conditions to adjust to.

For example, in a vanilla relationship, the decision about where things are put becomes a joint one - a discussion between two people about what looks or works best. In our relationship, Padrone decides what goes where. I can, and do, respectfully suggest things, and sometimes my suggestions are taken up, but in the end, the final say is Padrone’s.

The way I look at my life is very different now. Getting my head around some things has taken time, but I am secure and confident and know exactly who and what I am, and I am totally comfortable with it. At home, things are very relaxed and we do normal things like laugh and joke around, or watch TV. The basis for our relationship is #DominantSubmissive and no matter what situation we are in, I never, ever forget that He is Padrone and I am slave. There is a lot more D/s going on than most people would realize. A glance, a certain tone in His voice, a certain movement or a simple request for a cup of coffee may all seem like normal things, but the way it’s done leaves no doubt in my mind just who is in control.

I believe there is difference between D/s and BDSM. D/s is the show or feel of #Dominance and submission. There is service and outward respect and obedience shown. The #BDSM part to me is the bondage, the playing, the pain, the S&M. The D/s is constant. The Dominance and submission is evident in our relationship, but in a way that is unobtrusive. The D/s part can be shown without lots of people thinking much of it or noticing it. Some examples would be in the way I always walk slightly behind Padrone or that he always leads me by my hand whenever we are in public.

We do have our disagreements every once in a while, just like any other relationship, but the boundaries are more clearly defined and there is a more consistent feeling all the time. I am secure in the knowledge that Padrone loves me, that I am owned by Him, and I know that fact will never change or waiver no matter what happens.

So does what we have make our relationship a 24/7 D/s one? I feel that it is and I know that Padrone does too. There is no time when I feel that I am not His and that is reflected in my acceptance of His collar and he in accepting me as His. I do not think that a 24/7 D/s relationship must reflect one which represents level 9 of submission. I personal do not feel that that is possible. However, I do feel that the level to which we have taken our relationship is possible to maintain every day. 

So, whether you choose to label your relationship as a D/s, M/s, or simple BDSM one, it can be maintained 24/7 to a certain degree at all times. 

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