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Ladies: Wear What You Want No Matter Your Age/Size/Color

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Me with makeup, with a filter, all natural-no filter.

Ladies, especially those over 40, this message is directed to you.

I’ve seen so many posts by women under 40 over the past few weeks that are trying to advise women over 40 about the “proper” way they should dress, style their hair, do makeup, or even about personal hygiene. This pisses me off because every woman should wear whatever they want, how they want and when they want.

I am 45, soon to be 46, and my choice in clothes and hairstyles are ever changing. Am I too old to wear certain things? No. I don’t believe that age is a limit to anything when you are a consenting adult. I do have a problem with someone else trying to herd or guide me into wearing what they deem the proper clothes or style for my age.

If I want to wear all rainbow colored spandex and a tutu while exercising, I will. I never have allowed society to dictate my style preferences, and I sure as heck won’t now. I prefer not to wear makeup. Why? Because it’s a pain in the butt to put on and I look just as good with or without. My confidence comes from within, not without.

I love wearing form fitting clothes, whether I’m 200 pounds or 150 pounds. I still had the confidence to pull it off. My point is that you, as a female, should tell everyone that is trying to goad you into a certain category to screw off and you will wear your clothes, hair, and makeup any way you please, when/how/where you please. Because being yourself, comfortable and confident in yourself is the sexiest look a woman can have.

Me when I was over 200 pounds. Still confident.

As women, we need to stop trying to fit into molds and break every mold until they ate dust. So, ladies, no matter your age, size, skin tone, or gender you were born with, be yourself! Dress to please yourself! Cut/color your hair or leave it all natural for yourself! You do what you want and what makes you comfortable because it’s time. It’s our time to be us. To do us.

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Hello Michelle. Thank you for inviting me to your blog. Let me give you and the other ladies an insight about me. I'm 47 about to be 48. I am a transgender woman and know who I am and wear whatever I feel like. I love my makeup and wear it daily. I love my heels and wear them as much as possible. I am a newbie in the BDSM and have a strong interest there and my Sir is helping me with this adventure. I do have confidence most of the time. So if you have or any of the other ladies have any advice or questions by all means let me know or ask.


Jan 21, 2019

So very true. We as women should not allow society to dictate who we are. I have pulled myself from the ashes. Let me tell you, I feel amazing. Being a free spirit is a beautiful thing to be. You are a beautiful woman.


Jan 20, 2019

Great write up Michelle! Confidence, knowing who you are and not listening to other people with self image issues is huge.

Personally I like strong women who know who they are and are self confident.

I love your site and what you have to share!


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