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Reestablishing Your Happy Submissive Mood

Think about when you are happiest.

Is it when you are in submissive situations? Serving your #Dominant? Do you get #grumpy or feel out of sorts when life or other outside forces disturb your well established, #submissive routines? What happens if many things hit you all at once and totally screw up the nice little world you and your Dominant have worked so hard to establish and maintain?

As many of you know, if you read me on a pretty regular basis, I am pretty much a #happy person all the time. Yes, of course I have days or times I am not as happy as others, but as a whole I do see a world full of #rainbows. The main reason is due to the wonderful, happy bubble my Padrone Marco Fegatofi keeps me in all the time. He knows that I am most happy when I am serving him, following his instructions, working on our internet pages, etc. He always tries to keep any negativity, stress, drama, and other bad things away from me and deals with them by himself. He has done an extremely good job over the past two years we have lived together.

But every now and then, my happy bubble gets a leak! In the course of a week, too many #negatives hit me all at once. So, now that a couple of weeks have passed, I have to look into my inner self and try to re-balance my inner submissive and reestablish my happy bubble.

First, to make it clear, my submissiveness to #Padrone has never waned. My inner happy balance has taken several hits though. I don't deal with stress well and if bad news comes in different ways all at once, well, I have seizures. That's my body's way of dealing with it because of my epilepsy. Now that the worst of the negative things have passed, how do I get my happy bubble back and sealed once again?

  • I remind myself of how lucky I am to be with the man and Master of my dreams. 

  • I remind myself that the negatives are past so now it is time to forget them and move on. 

  • I asked Padrone for more attention and snuggle time. That always helps me come back into balance whenever it gets out of whack. 

  • I write about my experience in hopes that it will help others that may go through similar hard times. Writing and helping others always make me feel good. 

Now, if you have something that happens in your own life that disrupts your wonderful little submissive world, what can you do to help yourself?

  • First, make sure your connection with your Dominant is solid and lean on him/her. 

  • Second, do more of the things that make you happy (Submissive tasks, writing, cooking, family time, Dominant attention time, etc). Make sure whatever it is that makes your world a happy place normally, is being done on a daily basis if you can. 

  • Third, take time every day to remind yourself of what you have to be grateful for and happy about. 

  • Forth, try to let the negative feelings go. This is the hardest thing for me. But after bad events are over and done with, it does your body and mind no good to dwell on them. Look to the future. 

  • Fifth, think of your happy place! My personal happy place is when I am in Padrone's arms. That is my #shelter and when I feel the best. Is yours when you are on your knees beside your Dominant? Buried under a special blanket? Whatever it is, always keep that image and the awesome feelings close to your heart and in your head so you can think of it when you are down or sad. 

I don't know if these techniques will help you reestablish your own happy balance, but I hope they help. 

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