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Summary Week 51: Operation Get Fit No Excuses

Happy late Christmas and early New Year! I have been on Christmas break so I haven’t posted a fitness update. Today is the midway point between weeks 51 and 52 for my Operation Get Fit No Excuses, so I’m calling it Week 51. It’s easier that way!

I will freely admit that Padrone Marco and I have both been cheating on our regular diets throughout the holiday season. We’ve eaten many different sweets and foods that we don’t incorporate on a regular basis. This year has definitely been a lot different from years past though.

When we ate sweets in the past, we both would eat whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and how much of anything we desired. We literally had no control or care about calories or fat intake. This year through portion control, we were able to enjoy holiday specific sweets while not gaining weight. We didn’t buy tons of candy and chocolate, but got holiday specialty sweets that were made for one person and shared it. This way, we could eat and enjoy without the stress of wondering about calories, sugar, and fat intake. We also didn’t eat several in one day. We ate one per day and that was it. Yes, we really wanted to eat more but we also didn’t want to undo anything we‘ve accomplished over the past year.

I have mostly maintained my exercise routine throughout the holiday season despite bad knees and the lure of being lazy because it was Christmas. I stuck to my motto: Get Fit No Excuses. I haven’t worked out every single day, but came close.

Now, I am just two weeks away from marking my 1 year anniversary of living a healthier lifestyle! I will be making a special post that week and sharing pictures from both January 2018 and 2019 so we can all compare the results of what hard work, dedication, and determination can accomplish.

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support during my journey. I won’t post another fitness update until January 10, 2019 so please look for it in the coming weeks!

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