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Week 37 Summary Operation Get Fit No Excuses

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Michelle Fegatofi's weekly summary to a healthier lifestyle

It’s now Week 37 of my #fitness #journey that I’ve dubbed Operation Get Fit No Excuses. This past week I’ve been dealing with sleep deprivation and battling chronic tiredness due to #Epilepsy related issues. I absolutely despise when these symptoms pop up and affect my entire life on a daily basis but I have learned to be patient (most of the time) and get through as best as I can. 

I’ve managed to do some type of workout everyday, for a minimum of 30 minutes, despite my limits. Now, while I admit some days were a struggle just to get to that 30 minutes mark, I did it. I have no idea how I managed it either, but I did. 

While I do push myself to my #limits sometimes and beyond, I know my body and listen to what it’s telling me. If you don’t know yourself that well, or aren’t sure how far you can push your own training, I urge you to be extremely careful. If you push too far, you might injure yourself physically and it’s a possibility that you could hurt your motivation mentally as well. If you push and something happens or you can’t reach whatever goal you set, do not allow that to discourage you from continuing a healthier lifestyle. Pushing your limits is great as long as you know when to stop. 

I have a confession now. I know I’ve written how important it is not to become obsessed with using a #scale and being fixated on #numbers, but that’s exactly what happened to me this past week. Since we came off vacation at the end of August, I’ve maintained a steady weight of 70 kilos (ranging 70.1 - 70.8). I’ve found myself weighing multiple times a day to ensure myself that I remained in this range, especially after eating.

Two days ago, I stepped on the scale and found that I had gained 1 kilo (which is about 2.2 pounds). I freaked out! See, I’m really good at sticking with my #lowcarb #vegetarian diet. I rarely, if ever, cheat. Well, I had eaten some ice cream and a bowl of a heavy stew with normal bread that day and think that’s where the weight came from. I returned to my normal diet and exercise regimen and now I’m back in my 70 kilos range. 

My point is that I should not have freaked out about 2 pounds. It literally could have been a matter of going poop and boom - I’m back to my preferred weight. I have been heavy for my entire life and I’ve worked so hard to lose the weight in an all natural and healthy manner, that my brain and emotions are very much connected to a number on the scale. 

When I saw that 1 kilo extra, I immediately thought ‘I’m going to be fat again’ and ‘My new clothes won’t fit now’, which were both absurd. But, when you are so conscious of and emotional about your weight, thoughts like that are like a default setting. I know they aren’t true, but the insecure, overweight me that still lives inside my head will always try to tell me negative thoughts. Any person that has struggled with weight for a long time will relate to what I’m saying. 

I have to accept that yes, I’m now much smaller and train my brain and emotions, to recognize this. I also have to back away from the scale and only use it once a day at the same time to maintain my weight. Becoming so obsessed with my weight that I actually end up standing on the scales almost every time I go in the bathroom is not good and can only end badly because we all know our weight fluctuates on a daily basis. 

So, now, with Padrone as a reminder and my support, I’m going to try and not give in to the compulsion to step on that scale more than once a day. I’ll let you know next week how I did. 

That’s all for this week. Thank you again for your encouragement and continued support. See you next week!

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