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Year 2 Week 1 Summary: Operation Get Fit No Excuses

Welcome to Year 2 Week 1 of #GetFit #NoExcuses! I’m so excited to be starting a new year much healthier and fit than I was a year ago. Thank you for coming along on my journey. Deciding to live a healthier lifestyle is not just a part-time commitment. It takes determination and continuous dedication to get on a good path and stay there.

After many trials and errors last year with exercise and food, I finally found a combination that I like, can sustain and works for my body. I know a lot of you are probably using some weird diet or fad you found online but I can tell you that it won’t work long term. In order to lose and sustain the weight loss, you have to do it in a natural way.

For me, I was having many health problems and found my diet solution to be quasi-vegetarian. I eat many packaged meals made from Tofu, Mopur, and Seitan but I know that the salt/fat/calorie content of everything I eat is good for me. Reading labels is a must! It will become second nature to you after a while. It has me.

For the past week, I exercised daily for around 30 minutes per day and mixed up my routines so I wasn’t following the same one every day. My body never knew if it was a cardio, strength training, toning, or abs day. I recommend for you to do the same. It will help you burn more calories that way as well.

Now while I had several days where I had no energy and wasn’t feeling 100%, I didn’t allow myself to make excuses to not workout. I did take one day where I didn’t do a workout because I was injured and had battled a few seizures that morning.

When the weather is nicer, I will restart my once or twice a week long walks just to mix it up again and also because I love and miss those type of workouts. With my weakened knee, I may not be able to walk 5 miles like I did during the summer, but I know I will be able to get out and do a pretty good distance.

For those of you who may just be starting your own health journey, my advice to you is to not quit or make excuses for not doing a daily workout. Even if you just do a small, slow walk around the house, at least it’s much better than sitting on the couch watching TV. When you commit to getting healthier, you are making a commitment to yourself and your family to be the best you that you can be.

In my case, getting healthy has also helped my mental and emotional wellbeing, along with my physical one. I shed a lot of stress during my exercising and love that small window in which I literally concentrate on nothing other than myself and my workout. It has made a difference in my Epilepsy and definitely helped me keep a more positive attitude in my daily life.

I hope to see you again next week for my weekly update. If you have questions, leave a comment below or send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading!

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