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Year 2 Week 10 Summary: Operation Get Fit No Excuses

Welcome back to Year 2 Week 10 of my #OperationGetFit #NoExcuses journey. It has been another arduous week with my #Epilepsy battle, but I keep on moving #forward and not letting it keep me down for long!

I’ve been trying alternating 1 day off and 1 day on for my #workouts to see how my #body likes it as well as to see if it made a #difference in my #weight or not. I have #maintained my weight at 68 kilos while my measurements have stayed consistent also over the past several months. While I do #stretch very well after every workout, and even in the middle of my 5k #walks my lower back and thigh are always very stiff. I have tried various methods of stretching but nothing has really changed. I am going to start doing Yoga on workout my days off to see if that will help me. I’ll report my results after a week or two.

Another thing I was thinking about this week was how I have allowed #technology to push my exercise, sometimes in an unhealthy way. I have an Apple #Watch that I wear most of the time, even while #sleeping. It has challenges that it assigns me monthly, as well as a daily goals to meet for #calories burned, minutes of #exercise, and standing for 1 minute every hour. While this is a great #tool, I realized that I had become so obsessed with meeting all the goals that I started to feel stress when I didn’t. That’s not a healthy mindset for anyone to be in.

I have to consciously make myself take off the watch or at least, not obsess over whether I burned my 500 calories that day. It isn’t a good mindset to be in and it definitely can contribute to my seizures if I’m not careful. I honestly hadn’t realized just how obsessed I was on meeting my daily goals until I started feeling anxious almost everyday when I didn’t. This is something that I haven’t even shared with my Padrone until now.

So, one other thing I’m wondering about is if I’m at an end of my weight loss or if I’m going to try to lose more. I think I’m ok with how I am now. I can say I’ve been adding little cheats here and there more often lately while not gaining anything, but also not losing any more weight. I think I’ve found a good balance of healthy eating for my body but also letting myself have a treat when I really need it, without overdoing it.

Thank you as always for following my journey on the never ending road to a healthier lifestyle. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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