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A Master Decrees. A slave obeys.

A Master decrees and a #slave #obeys. We have all heard this saying in the BDSM community. It is one of the foundations of our #lifestyle. But what exactly does it mean? What does it entail?

The perception among many newcomers to the Lifestyle, along with vanilla people, is that submissives/slaves are mindless people that have to do whatever the #Dominant/Master says. They do not know or understand that only after mutual trust, respect, and limits are in place and understood, can that type of relationship begin to truly form.

In stricter M/s #relationships, after a contract is signed, which normally includes limits and safe words, will a person become a slave and be trained to immediately obey whatever the #Master says. In this type of environment or relationship, the slave is expected to obey every task/order without hesitating or questioning the motives behind the order. 

To clarify, questions are allowed in all #BDSM relationships, but once the trust is built, this type of connection is much less tolerant of continuous questions. This kind of BDSM relationship is normally based in a training environment. The slave usually has little or no personal time at all. Their sole purpose is to learn how to serve a Dominant in body, mind and spirit.

In M/s relationships based on feelings, some of the above things still hold true. A slave will still be trained to please the Master and expected to obey without hesitating in most instances. If the slave does ask a question, she most likely won't punished. The Master will be less strict in some areas such as giving the slave personal time and allowing the slave more times to talk in an informal setting with him\her instead of being strictly based on high protocol all of the time. They still have rules in place that are expected to be followed as well as punishments when needed.

In still yet another type of M\s relationship, the Master is known as a #DaddyDom. This type of connection is normally a very informal and loose type of relationship. While they still have rules they want followed, they are far less rules and punishments are rarely given out unless something very wrong was done. The Dominants are usually love spoiling their slaves and the slaves are deeply devoted to making their Daddy Dom as happy as they can.

So, as you can see, the saying "A Master decrees. A slave obeys" is correct but there are many diverse ways it can be practiced and interpreted. If you are just starting to explore the Lifestyle, don't get locked into one way of thinking. Keep an open mind and remember that all relationships are different and they will change over time.

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