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Accepting Change and Overcoming Self Doubt

Changes in life are inevitable. Sometimes those changes lead to bad things while others lead you to more happy times and extraordinary adventures. While change does happen, it doesn’t have to be scary (even if it feels like).

These past couple of months have led to many changes in my own life. While the #journey has not always been completely smooth, there have been many learning #opportunities. I learned many things about the way Italians conduct real estate business in Italy, the way their buildings are constructed, the complexities of stopping/moving/starting utilities for your house. It’s way different from anything I was used to in the USA.

But, luckily for me, I had an expert guide to lead the way. As with all things in our lives, #Padrone ensured that everything was done. What role did I play in moving since I don’t speak enough Italian to be helpful and didn’t know how to get things done? I kept to-do lists, packed boxes, made sure that he met every appointment he had scheduled, kept him fed and happy and tried to do all that I could to make this move a little less stressful.

These things might not sound like a lot to you, but to me they were. They meant that I was contributing what I could to our search and eventual move to a new and much better #location. These tasks made me feel good inside myself, knowing that even though some of them seemed small at the time, it was one less thing Padrone had to think or do by himself. I was serving my #Master in every conceivable capacity that I could and got the very comforting feeling that yes, I was helping.

Why am I rambling on about our move? Because as with most everything else in life, I took away many lessons from it that can be applied to the #BDSM #Lifestyle. I get many emails and messages from submissives from around the world asking for my advice and a lot of them touch on the subjects of change or not feeling like they contribute much to their own D/s or M/s #relationship.

If you are in fear of changes that are coming your way, try to look for any and all positives that can happen with them. Don’t allow your own self doubts and fears get the best of you. Have you heard of the saying ‘Our own mind is our worst enemy’? That is true in 90% of the questions I get from submissives that have no confidence in themselves or their relationships.

If you do have doubts or concerns about changes or things that are going on in your relationship, talk to your partner about them. Bring them out in the open and don’t waste time making up doomsday scenarios that are not likely to happen. Those what-if’s can be just as destructive as a real doomsday scenario.

When you feel like you are not contributing enough to your relationship for whatever reason, ask yourself why you feel that way? Is it because you don’t get enough attention or positive feedback from your dominant? Is it your own lack of confidence playing with your mind? Try to track down what it is and rectify it. If you can’t figure it out on your own, tell your partner your #fears. #Dominants are there to guide us through good and bad times in our lives. We rely on them to be our rock just as they rely on us for many things as well.

The worst thing any couple in a relationship, especially a BDSM dynamic, can do is to stay silent when there is a real or falsely conceived notion causing an underlying tension. If not addressed quickly, calmly and with full open and honest communication, this could really be the beginning of the end for a relationship.

When talking to your dominant about #changes, feelings of #inferiority (not completing your duties, etc), stay focused on the actual subject. Make sure you do not approach them in an argumentative fashion. You have to keep a completely open mind to any and all things they say, even if you might not realize it or agree with it. If you are in a relationship in which your dominant is fair and guiding, takes great care in how they handle you, and gives you positive feedback while reprimanding you when needed, you should have the confidence to bring all things you feel to his/her attention.

During this move, I’ve learned new things about myself as well as about my submission. Padrone and I have both grown closer and are continuing to grow closer and tighter in our journey through our own M/s relationship.

While I have touched on a couple of different and diverse subjects in this post, I do feel that both belong together and each single issue touches the other more often than you may realize. I hope you take away something encouraging and enlightening after you’ve read this.

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