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Being Ghosted after COVID19 by Online D/s Partner

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With the worldwide lockdown, many people are at home with their families and have no time or privacy to check their secret #alternate online profiles. I’ve seen an increasing number of posts around various groups and sites complaining about being ghosted by online #BDSM partners. Has this happened to you?

Unfortunately, many #newbies (people new to the Lifestyle) fall prey to fake or predatory accounts, especially those relating to #submission. They tend to be very desperate for attention and get caught up in a frenzy (known as sub frenzy) and don’t take the proper amount of time or precautions to vet their potential #Dominant.

Many of these online only dominants have a very predictable patterns. They limit the amount of time they will communicate with their #partners. They never video chat. They always have #excuses for the huge gaps when they aren’t online. And most of them will not post their real pictures in an effort to keep their accounts #anonymous. These people tend to be married or in a #vanilla relationship in the real world and use the online #kink community and sites as a way to escape into a virtual fantasy world. They don’t care who they hurt nor do they develop feelings for their victims.

Have you noticed any of the #red #flags I’ve mentioned above? If so, I strongly recommend breaking all ties with that person as well blocking them from every account and form of communication. They will keep trying to weasel their way back into your life just to try and regain control. The control part is what drives the majority of these fake dominants.

The #COVID19 pandemic has seriously impacted the world in many adverse ways, but it’s also had unexpected side effects on relationships. I’ve seen it help people pull together more and get back to basics but it’s also made others confront the problems they never wanted to face. I hope the impact to you and your family will be a positive experience once it’s over.

Stay safe!

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