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End of Year Review and New Year’s Aspirations 2020/2021

I always struggle with my #year #end / new year #posts because I don’t want to dwell on negative things but would be extremely remiss if I at least didn’t acknowledge them. 2020 was a year of world wide struggle with wide reaching impacts on how we socialize, work, learn, and live. I don’t think there was anyone on the planet who was not impacted by the #COVID-19 #pandemic in some way.

We had to learn new patterns of social distancing. Our kids got their education from watching a computer instead of being physically at school. We learned to work from home and conducted meetings over Zoom and Skype calls. We stayed home more in the past year than we ever had in the previous decade. We had to remember to wear masks anytime we left the house and wash our hands continuously throughout the day. We had to modify almost every aspect of our lives.

Many people lost income, jobs, homes, and family to the virus. But, on a brighter note, new vaccines were developed. New and innovative technology was developed. New types of jobs were introduced to the world. The local #environment was impacted in a good way during times of lockdown because carbon emissions were so low. Families were forced to be together at home where many of them learned to reconnect and get closer. Many of my own friends started new traditions of family dinners and game times that carried on even when #restrictions were lifted.

For myself, 2020 was good in many ways. My #Padrone Marco and I were finally able to get married on February 20th after 9 years of being together. This opened the door to many new possibilities and opportunities for me that I will be taking advantage of in this new year.

While Padrone’s income was impacted because he worked less, the positive part was that he was able to be home with me more and work on new things that interested him.

While we have been extremely blessed with food and housing #security, I personally have been struggling with seizures and a mild form of depression since late 2019. Throughout the year of 2020, I tried many times to get myself up and running. I would start posting again on social media, exercising, and generally doing things like I was before my depression hit. It would last anywhere from a few days to a week, then something would happen and I was right back to square one.

I spent my time reading. I literally spent an average of 10-12 hours many days reading almost nonstop. Thankfully I have Kindle Unlimited so wasn’t spending huge amounts of money. I would cook and clean the house, but other than that, I would just read. Why? It was a form of escapism that took me away from my reality. Now, let me say my reality is awesome. I love my husband and the life we have built together. But, when you’re dealing with any form of depression, on top of increased seizure activity, it will definitely take a huge toll.

While looking for new treatments for my Epilepsy, I will share how it impacts my daily life. I want to try to continue to help motivate and inspire anyone that follows me. My life isn’t that exciting, but my struggles are real. If my writing helps positively impact or inspire even one person, then all the effort it takes to share my struggles is worth it.

So, where do I want to go in 2021? I will be trying my best to stay on track with my exercise and healthy living journey. I want to get my seizures under control and get out of the funk that’s been hanging on me for over a year. I want to publish fiction #books that I’ve written as well as finish and publish my new #BDSM beginners guide for #Dominants. I want to expand my website as well as my audience.

I have many plans and ideas, but I just have to stay steady and follow up with them. While I know this new year will be a struggle to meet all my goals, I’m positive that I will as long as I keep in mind my #goals and don’t allow myself to fall backwards into the dark hole of depression.

Remember to be kind to others but mostly remember to be kind to yourself. Sometimes when we are facing struggles, we lose sight of the whole picture because we are only focusing on one little thing and that a lot of times is not good for our mental and physical health.

With all that said, Padrone and I both want to wish every single one of you a happy, safe, and especially healthy 2021.

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Two years ago, my husband brought up BDSM. I had no idea of what it was. I was tired of doing it ALL for 40 years. I wanted him to take over. So for two years, we struggled with what BDSM really was, we searched and read everything we could get our hands on. For us, what it came down to, was communication. You have to talk about EVERYTHING. Talk without judgement and hurt feelings. Each of us took snippets from our readings and thought it was wonderful. The problem was we didn't take the same snippets, we had to learn what was important to each other. We talk every night. I read something, or he sends me somethi…

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