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Q&A Topics - Annoying Littles, Pushy Doms, and Life balance

Welcome back to BDSM Unveiled's Talk Tuesday! This week, I address the topics: "Annoying Littles", "Pushy Doms", and "Life balance".

Question #1) "I am a #submissive that has been in the #lifestyle and active in the community for a long time. In the last 5 years, I have seen a spike in '#littles' online. I understand that there is a dynamic for this and I get the coloring and stuffed animals. What annoys me is when you are reading and a grown person always writes like they are a 3 year old! Is there any way to express to them that they should type or 'speak' in a normal way versus sounding so annoying to everyone by using Me wanna instead of I want? Any advice would be welcomed!"

This is a very touchy subject so I will try to be as PC as possible. There are several types of Littles. Not all of them speak or type like they are a toddler. Those that do always use "little speak" whenever they are online. In my opinion, if you don't like this, then don't engage them in conversation. If you are scrolling through pages or groups and see comments written in that manner, just ignore it and continue on. I will admit that it is somewhat annoying to me also when I read comments in "little speak" but I try not to judge and just continue on with my own little world. We all have an option to engage people or not online and to participate or not in groups that contain Littles. So, if they really bother you that much, I suggest you not participate in groups where they tend to congregate or type in that manner.

Question #2) "I am friends with a submissive that has a #dominant. I have never expressed any interest in being with him in any sort of way but he always tries to be dominant to me anytime I am in the presence of the two of them. I have told him that he's not my dom and that I am not a submissive. His #sub, my friend, doesn't know how to handle the situation and tells me 'it's just how he is'. Any advice on how to retain my friendship while putting the pushy dom in his place?"

First you have to put the dom in his place. Since you are not a sub and not involved with him, you are under no obligation to act civil with him especially if he continuously attacks you in that manner. A real Dom would never bully anyone into giving them respect or submission. To me, he's ab abusive bully and not a dominant. As far as retaining your friendship, I think you should tell the sub exactly how you see her partner and suggest she reevaluate her own relationship with him. It will have to be up to her to break that connection if she chooses to continue to be your friend.

Question #3) "How do I #balance being a #submissive all the time and staying true to my #dominant as his sub while I am at work?"

This is a very broad question. I suggest establishing specific rules to follow for when you are at work and different ones for when you are at home. When making the rules for work, ensure that they can be followed without interfering with your job. They also might need to be flexible somewhat depending on your schedule and job type. If possible, wear some piece of jewellery that reminds you of your status as your Dominant's submissive. It will help you focus when you need it, but could also act as a calming influence from the stressors of daily work life.

I picked these three questions because they were so different from the ones I usually get. Keep the awesome questions coming and I hope you learned something new with this week's post. Make sure to come back every Tuesday for more informative Q&A!

Send your questions to and even if they are not featured here on the Talk Tuesday blog, I will reply as soon as possible.

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