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Combined Weekly Summary: Weeks 27 and 28 Operation Get Fit No Excuses

Michelle Fegatofi's weekly summary about her journey to a healthier lifestyle

You may have noticed that last week’s blog post was missing. That’s because I honestly didn’t have anything that I thought was worth saying. So, this week’s post is a summary for Week 27 and 28 of Get Fit No Excuses!

So, last week, I was able to exercise every day for a minimum of 40 minutes. I alternated indoor and outdoor activities to keep my muscles guessing. I love changing up my indoor routines so I don’t get bored also , plus I like the challenge of trying slightly harder and varied workouts. This past Monday, I took the day off from doing any exercise to allow my body and muscles to rest.

This week is my weight and measurements week. I am aggravated to say that I have not lost anything and my measurements are pretty much the same! I started eating cereal last month in an effort to add more variety to my diet and help keep everything on the inside ‘flowing properly’, if you get my drift. I now think that was a mistake because cereal is a very high calorie food, even if you only eat 60 grams at a time.

Here are last month’s and this month’s comparisons.

Thankfully, I have not gained any weight or size back from my eating mistake. Everyone reacts differently to food, so just because I can’t eat cereal doesn’t mean you should ban it from your own diet. Do what works for you.

I am going to focus on trying to get to 70 kilos bu the end of summer and that will be a size I will try to maintain, once I reach my goal and my measurements and weight stays at a constant.

We will be on vacation for 2 ½ weeks in August so I will definitely be cheating a lot more than normal and probably not exercising as much, but I’ll report all that as it comes.

I’m always looking for new recommendations for recipes and workouts online so if you want, comment below with the links and I’ll definitely take a look!

Thank you for your continued encouragement and support over that past months and I hope my blog helps some of you in your own fitness journey. See you next week!

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