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Weight gain, exercise irregularity, and aggravation!

One of the things that I put in my aspirations for 2022 is to become a healthier person mentally, physically, and emotionally. I also stated that I wanted to restart and become more consistent with a healthier lifestyle, which includes exercising regularly. I started off with a bang by exercising January 1. I also exercised two days later because I didn’t want to push myself too much and too fast in the beginning. Well, after exercising two days, I haven’t done it again.

Daily weight gain and #loss is normal. Many things can affect us and our weight such as heat, cold, what we eat, the amount of liquids we drink, as well as movement and exercise. The thing I’m aggravated about with myself is that I have #gained #weight unexpectedly and I’m not exactly sure why, but I have my suspicions.

Today is January 8, 2022, and I just weighed myself. I weigh 77.3 kg which is about 170 pounds. I can honestly say I have not weighed this much since 2018. And yes I am very disappointed and #aggravated because I only have myself to blame.

I realized while writing this post that it was beautiful outside and I was just sitting here inside wasting the opportunity to go out and have a walk, especially since it is the warmest part of the day as well as taking advantage of the weather because it’s been raining for the past week. So, I did just that. I ended up walking 1.71 miles in 30 minutes with a 5 minute cooldown and stretch after.

When I first started my weight loss journey in 2018, I used to post daily #updates about my exercise and weekly updates about my measurements as well as my weight. This helped me keep myself in check, as well as helped many of the people who read my blog posts stay motivated. When the pandemic of 2020 hit, I just fell off the wagon.

Many people say ‘well there was 2021 and things got better’, but for me things actually got worse. Between the health problems and the new #epilepsy medication, I just didn’t have the mental, emotional, and even physical fortitude to #exercise regularly. I had many starts and stops, but never any consistency or follow through. I started eating more as well as not keeping up with calories. Unfortunately, I returned to eating more carbohydrates than what had been in my normal eating patterns for the past 3 years.

This year I’m done with excuses. So far, physically, I’m doing very well. #Mentally and #emotionally I’m in a good place. So now it is time for me to make myself return to the habit of exercising. I am going to hold myself accountable. I will be posting on my social media daily and weekly updates, but I will also be writing biweekly posts about trying to live a healthier lifestyle and returning to the weight that I am happy with.

I will also be posting updates about my diet as well as my #measurements and my weight. Now I know weight fluctuates, and you can fluctuate even up to a kilo or two depending on circumstances. I am going to try not to completely obsess about the weight loss, but be consistent in my eating and my exercising.

I am not going to exercise every single day starting out because I don’t want to overdo it and possibly injure myself. I know my limits and I know that if I push too hard my knees will give out my back could possibly hurt which would result in me not being able to exercise for a week.

For me in this new year of 2022, returning to my #healthier #habits is not a New Year’s resolution but a promise to myself to be the best me and the healthiest me that I can not only for myself but for my family.

If you want to join me, or you just need #inspiration and a push to help you stay consistent with your own weight loss journey, send me a message and we will help each other. Thank you for everybody who is continue to #support me through the past few years let’s continue to support each other through 2022.

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