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November: Navigating the Holiday Feasts

Welcome to November! For many people in the USA, this is the beginning of two months of almost unlimited sweets, overeating, and holiday parties. #Physical activity usually takes a back seat because we’re too busy and tired to bother. We tell ourselves that we’ll be ok and get back on track with our #healthier #eating and exercise in January. Why wait until then? Here are some tips to help you navigate the next few months of sugary desserts and mounds of comfort food.

Personal Health Challenge

Make up a personal #health #challenge that keeps you active, even if just 10 minutes a day. Keep it simple so you won’t skip out.

- March in place and a brisk pace every morning before work

- Take a walk during lunchtime

- Set an alarm to ensure you stand up every hour for at least one minute

- Stretch your body before bed with yoga or a short pilates workout

Healthy Snack Substitutes

Instead of giving into #temptation and indulging in all the available high #calorie, sugar filled candy and desserts people make during the #holidays, make your own version to snack on.

- Add cinnamon and Stevia sweetner to 100 grams of No Fat Greek yogurt for a great tasting but low calorie dessert

- Slice an apple, coat each piece cinnamon and Stevia sweetner, bake on 200°C or 380°F for 20-30 minutes

- Mix Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Honey and Pecans; bake on 200°C or 380°F for 25 minutes

Plate and Portion Control

Another thing we can control is how much we eat. If you must eat all the carbs and sugary foods available, try #limiting your #portions. You can do this by using a smaller plate and taking smaller portions to help control the calories. If you eat slowly, this will give your stomach time to signal your brain that you’re full and help stop the temptation to eat more.

I will be posting healthy recipes during the next few months that you can try as alternatives to more traditional dishes usually served around the holidays.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, leave them below!

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1 Comment

Quail Cutie
Quail Cutie
Nov 08, 2019

One thank you for sharing! I've really enjoyed all the healthy tips you've given along your journey. I've found a lot of them really helpful in my day to day. I've been working on being a healthier person in general and mostly because i'm a parent as well.

Yes during these months I really would engage in more food and unhealthy carb eating which my body doesn't like as much and i completely feel so sluggish after eating those things.

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