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Q&A Topic - Three Fan Questions about Michelle Fegatofi

Since it's the first Tuesday of the new year, I thought I would answer some of the most asked questions I receive about how I react or deal with certain types of situations or emotions.

Question #1) Throughout 2014, I dealt with many different types of #health problems and side effects from medicines trying to fix the original health #problem. I was asked in many different groups how do I stay submissive or perform my #submissive #duties when I'm not feeling well.

The answer to this question is simple, because of Padrone (my Master). I have a very understanding, loving and compassionate #Padrone. He never pushed me to do anything, especially when I am sick. He cooks if I can't. He takes care of things around the house until I am able to. As far as staying submissive, for me, it's just who and what I am. It is not a role that I weave in and out of. In all things in life, I always follow my Padrone's lead. Our #relationship might be a little different in certain ways because he does trust my judgement and allows me a lot of leeway when it comes to how I handle our internet stuff. He doesn't micromanage me but is always there if I ask him for directions. 

Question #2) How do I deal with #depression, #anger, #jealousy, #pouting, disappointment and other negative feelings? Do I ever feel these or am I always happy?

No, I am not perpetually happy all the time. I do tend to be a pretty happy person most of the time, but even I have my moments. 2014 was an especially hard year for my #moods and emotions. I went full blown menopausal and that just made my moods very erratic at times. I would be perfectly happy then all of a sudden, sometimes for no reason or for something petty, I would get angry. Then I would get sad and pout. During all of these times, Padrone was my rock. He kept his patience with me and would hold me when I needed and give me space when I needed that. He never asked me what I needed, always just knew, just felt it. We do have our disagreements also but they are never huge blowups. Most of the time Padrone will get over being aggravated in like 5 minutes and then make faces at me or mess with me until I feel better too. I tend to pout sometimes after a disagreement. 

Question #3) What kind of protocols and rules do you and your Master-Padrone observe? Do you kneel when serving food or wait for him at the door a certain way? 

We don't observe any #strict #protocols like you see in many pictures or might read about in books. They are not practical for our lifestyle and we love to cuddle versus me always being apart from him by standing at attention or setting on a tile floor on my knees. I do have many rules that I follow and I do have certain #tasks and #routines that I do every night, but I would not consider them protocols in the traditional sense of a submissive. For example, I always get up earlier than Padrone on nights he has to work so that I can get myself ready, make food for the night, get the electronics and backpack ready, make his coffee and wake him up at the specified time. I also help him get dressed because we both like this. He can do all of this himself, but we both prefer that I help. This routine is not something that he asked of me, it is just something that evolved out of need and necessity.  

I hope I answered some of your questions about my own life and how we practice #BDSM. I have to say that even for us, 3 1/2 years later, it is an ever evolving and learning experience. Our relationship is different now than it was even last year. The dynamic of Master/slave never changes, just routines to fit how our lives are flowing at that time.

Don't forget that you can always send me an email to ask questions about your own situations at and I will be answering them every Tuesday starting next week!

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