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Summary Week 46: Operation Get Fit No Excuses

Welcome back to Week 46 of Operation Get Fit No Excuses. This week was packed for me because we celebrated Thanksgiving in the USA. Although I now live in Italy, I still like to try to keep up some of the traditions and holidays I grew up with.

This past week, I haven’t gotten in many workouts again. But, it wasn’t due to a lack of motivation, it was because we were so busy! In addition to Padrone working nights, we had to shop for the food we needed to make Thanksgiving dinner, go and pick up our new rescue Chihuahua, prep and make Thanksgiving dinner, all the while trying to get the new Chihuahua used to us and her new environment. This week also happens to be my monthly weight and measurement check in.

For Thanksgiving, I wanted to try and make a healthier and tasty alternative to what I would normally cook because Padrone and I both are on special and restricted diets. I used Truvia in everything that called for sugar as a substitute. I ended up using it in deviled eggs as well as the baked pineapple and brown sugar ham I always make. Padrone liked how it came out and said he didn’t notice a difference.

Since I don’t eat meat anymore, I used the pineapple/Truvia sauce on extra firm tofu and it turned out very delicious! I will post the recipe in a separate post if you want to try it. It can be a very good vegetarian substitute for the holidays and you won’t feel like you are missing out on anything. I will also post my (not so healthy) but very yummy recipe for sweet deviled eggs.

If you want to find out more about life with our 3rd rescue Chihuahua, Keeka, I will be posting updates about her and our 2 older rescues under the Life In General tab on my website. She has never had the affection and attention of a human and is very scared of pretty much everything. She hates being outside and has no idea how to walk on a leash or harness. Sudden movements and loud noises terrify her. So, she’s a challenge but totally worth it.

Now for the moment of truth. How do my measurements compare with last months? Despite having no motivation, battling epilepsy related issues and not being focused, I still managed to lose some weight as well as get small in my overall measurements. To say that I’m extremely surprised is an understatement! I hadn’t expected for any of my measurements to be different from last month. Here’s a snapshot of both to compare:

Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement as well as interest in what’s happening in my life. See you next week with another fitness update!

Don’t forget to check out the other topic headings on my website for very diverse posts on many different subjects.

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