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Week 21 Summary - Operation Get Fit No Excuses

Michelle Fegatofi's weekly summary about her journey to a healthier lifestyle

Welcome to the end of Week 21 of Operation Get Fit No Excuses! The time has flown by and I’ve learned a lot on the journey. It hit me today that this has been a real year of change and reinvention for myself and Padrone both. We have changed the way we eat. We started exercising. We’ve lost weight, so changed how we look. Padrone stopped smoking 3 months ago. And, today, I got a new haircut in a style I never would have considered before.

I have alternated my indoor and outdoor exercises to keep my muscles guessing. When you do the same routine all the time, your body will get used to it and that particular exercise won’t be as affective. There were a couple of days that I was unable to exercise because of an Epilepsy attack, but I got back out there as soon as I could. 

During my #outdoor #walking adventures, I’ve come across some really interesting people. Two of them stick out in my mind when I think about it. One lady was walking slow and I passed her. She gave me a dirty look and decided to walk faster so she could pass me back. Now, I was just keeping up a steady pace. I had my headphones in and my music pumped so I was in the zone! I don’t really pay much attention to other people because I’m trying to keep an eye on my own statistics (heartbeat, pace, steps, distance). So, a few minutes later, I ended up passing her again because she was bent over with her hands on her hips trying to breath! Moral of this story is to stay at your own pace and ignore everything else around you. You do you and don’t worry about what everybody else is doing.

The second incident that comes to mind involves a guy that looks like he stepped out of the 1970s. He had on a white tank undershirt (aka wife beater), black dress socks that came to his knees with brown ugly sandals! His shorts where made out of nylon and looked like some Bruce Jenner wore when he was running track. That isn’t even the funny part. The guy was bent over a bench doing what he thought was stretching. He was kicking his leg up in the air behind him like a donkey does when they get mad! I was doing my best not to laugh! Moral of this story is to get out and stay active no matter how you’re dressed! And don’t hurt yourself by exercising the wrong way. 

After so long a time of restricting my #diet I decided to allow myself a “cheat treat” once a week. We found a place that serves cream coffee (known as a Frappe or Frappicino in America) and it’s so good! So, only once a week, I allow myself to enjoy one. I walk or exercise every day and  eat a low carb/low calorie vegetarian diet the rest of the time so I don’t have an ounce of guilt. The weird thing is that I don’t crave junk food or comfort food much anymore. If I see something that looks good on Facebook, I usually think that looks good but immediately follow that with lord I can’t imagine how much fat and #calories that has in it! It’s all about perspective for me.

Last week was my 45th birthday week and also my #weigh in week. I was disappointed with not having lost more weight or centimeters in my #measurements. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I’m ok with my results. I am still seeing progress and it’s actually a steady progress. Considering that I’m doing everything naturally and not using weird pills or strange diets, I’m happy and proud of myself. 

Thank you all again for your continued support and encouragement! See you next week!

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