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Week 35 Summary of Operation Get Fit No Excuses

Michelle Fegatofi's weekly summary to about her journey to a healthier lifestyle

It’s officially September and the temperatures are definitely getting cooler. Welcome to Week 35 of Operation Get Fit No Excuses! 

As you may know, last week was our first week back from vacation and had me easing back into my daily workout routine. I didn’t exercise every day but did every other day to allow myself and my muscles to adjust to increasingly harder workouts. Now, I’m fairly confident that I am back to the level I was at before vacation. 

Yesterday, I was feeling very weak and tired so I didn’t workout during the day. I woke up and was wide awake overnight so decided to try and do a low impact mixed cardio routine. I got about 7 minutes into it when my right butt muscle started hurting. I immediately stopped the workout. I looked up stretching techniques and tried those, but none helped. I then decided to try relaxing in bed and that didn’t help either. 

After researching and reading many sites about different types of back pain, causes and cures, I decided to try a long slow #walk to help stretch my muscles in a different way. I left at 7 am and did 3.24 miles at a medium pace, stopping once midway to stretch. It worked! After I got home, I stretched more and my pain was completely gone. Just to be clear, I’m not recommending this for everyone, just telling you what worked for me. 

Before you exercise, make sure that you do a small warmup first. Some people stretch before and after a workout. Do what you feel is right for you and your body. Pay special attention when stretching back and legs as you can cause yourself pain if you do it wrong. 

Next week, I’ll share a #recipe with you for a quick and easy #veggie soup with tofu. You can use meat instead if you wish, but it’s perfect for those brisk days and makes a great after #workout meal. 

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below! 

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