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Week 38: Operation Get Fit No Excuses

First, welcome to my new website! I have combined all of my blogs into one space so that it would be easier for me to reach out to everyone and because I was tired of being censored by Google's Blogger everytime I wrote or posted, literally, almost anything. On this site, you will find blogs concerning the BDSM lifestyle, Health and Wellness, Epilepsy, and more. Please take a minute to browse the new site and give me feedback on it. I am always adding things and updating them daily.

This week's date came with a great surprise. I’ve officially made it! I’m at the goal weight I set way back in January on the tracking app I use. In a way, the months have gone by so fast, but it wasn’t without the occasional struggles. I've posted my weight and measurement results above also since it's that time again.

Over the months, I had many bouts with Epilepsy, self-doubt, frustration, chronic fatigue, and other negative impacts. But, throughout the entire time, I kept repeating my mantra to myself, which was and is "Get Fit - No Excuses". I never allowed myself to stay in bed if I was able to get up and do some type of exercise. If I had, I would never have reached my goals.

Now that I'm at my goal weight what's next? I honestly have no idea. While I originally set the goal of 70 kilos because I needed to put some number in the program so it would allow me to use it to keep track of my progress, I never thought about where I would go after, and if, I actually reached that goal. I will continue to eat and exercise as I have been for the past 8 months because my mind and body feel so much better. See, for me, exercise has become not only a way to get healthier and lose weight, but it's also transformed as somewhat of a mental break from whatever problems have bothering me. I've learned that through exercise, even doing a light routine, it helps clear my mind of many negative thoughts and helps me focus on solutions. It also inspires me to do videos on subjects that may pop up in a random thought when I'm outside pounding the pavement.

I won't sugar coat things. Many times it's been a struggle to maintain my weight and my strict diet. I changed to a 99% vegetarian diet originally in an effort to combat the many physical ailments I was experiencing. Between what I was eating and how heavy I was, I was constantly battling really bad reflux, heartburn, nausea, and vomiting. I tried prescription medicines and they either didn't work or I was allergic to them. I tried all kinds of over-the-counter and home remedies also. While some gave me temporary relief from symptoms, they never were able to cure the actual problem.

I thought about turning 45 and about my future. What I imagined wasn't a pretty site. I knew that if I had continued on that same path that my health would only continue to suffer and erode more as I got older. I didn't want to go down that way and that's why I started on my journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

Many of you have followed me from my blogs about the BDSM lifestyle. While some haven't been able to see the connection between the two worlds, most of you have and for that I thank you. I share the struggles and triumphs I face with you because I want to try to help in whatever small way I can. I see it as my duty to get as healthy as I can naturally so that I can serve my Padrone better and take away most of his worries about my health.

That's all I have to say for this week. Thank you for continuing to follow me and for all of your constant support!

If you have any comments of suggestions, please leave them below. Don't forget to share this article or some other article to help me grow the site! Thanks again!

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