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Week 44 Summary: Operation Get Fit No Excuses

As with the past few weeks, this week has gone by extremely fast! It’s the 44th week of my fitness journey and the holiday season is approaching fast.

I have been searching all over for vegetarian based dishes that I can make for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can’t stand the thought of eating meat now, so need to come up with a great alternative dish. I’ve seen recipes for Tofurkey, which is supposed to be a turkey substitute, but I’m not convinced that is the way I want to head. I will be experimenting with several dishes and let you know how they come out each week.

I have been struggling again this past week with motivation as well as finding the right combination of exercise to get my heartbeat to the level that I need it at so I can burn the amount of calories I need during a workout. While I’m not sure what the problem is with my motivation, I am lucky enough to have a partner that helps keep me going.

Today, after a few days of frustration, I was happy with my final calorie count and workout combination. I am looking for new YouTube videos to follow, so if you want to recommenced some, please leave a comment below! I have cheated more this week on my diet than in previous weeks. I have been eating small amounts of chocolate each day for the past week. Fortunately, I have not gained any weight or inches back due to my lack of self-discipline.

I am very aware that if I continue down this path, that I am putting all my hard work in jeopardy. That’s why I have asked Padrone to ban all chocolate from our house. That’s the only way I can abstain from eating it because my self-control is nil when chocolate is involved!

I hope that following my posts help you with your own journey and also helps you realize you aren’t alone. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. See you next week!

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