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Year 2 Week 14: Operation Get Fit No Excuses: Dealing with Mental and Emotional Issues

The green dots on the circles show the days I completed a workout.

Welcome back to my Operation Get Fit No Excuses! It’s Year 2 Week 14. I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks because I’ve been sick. I’ve not only been dealing with physical ailments, but mental and emotional ones as well.

When I started documenting my journey to a healthier lifestyle, I focused mainly on my eating habits, weight, and types of exercise. I’ve touched on some mental and emotional issues that I’ve encountered during my journey, but never gone in-depth because everyone that has dealt with any type of mental or emotional distress copes in their own way.

As adults, we don’t put enough emphasis on looking out for our mental and emotional wellbeing. In the Western World, the majority of us were taught to bottle up our emotions and keep on going. We were told to “pull ourselves up by the boot straps” when we were in a depressed state. We were taught by our parents that any form of mental illness is something to be feared and kept quiet.

I’m here to tell you to disregard all of that nonsense! Mental and Emotional health and wellness are just as important, even more so, as physical fitness. If we aren’t balanced and happy emotionally and mentally, how can we even think about trying to get healthy physically? Everything starts with your mental and emotional state. Determination. Drive. Ambition. Living a healthier lifestyle can not be achieved if your brain isn’t into it.

These past few weeks, I’ve dealt with different types of seizures, bouts of depression, extreme fatigue, feelings of uselessness because of my illnesses, seasonal allergies, and many other things that piled on top of one another. I had no motivation to exercise and actually skipped quite a few. But, when I could, I got up and did something because I reminded myself that I usually feel better once I do some type of workout. I understand that using exercise as a way to cope with illnesses isn’t for everyone, but for me, it has helped me in many ways.

While I use exercise is one way I cope with different illnesses, I am also lucky enough to have a partner that supports me unconditionally emotionally, physically, and mentally. He has helped me through many dark and down times in the past eight years.

If you are experiencing any type of mental or emotional issues, I greatly encourage you to try to talk with a trusted friend or family member. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, look online for some of the free resources that are available. Don’t keep it inside you. You don’t have to be alone or deal with whatever is keeping you down alone.

So, next week, I will be back with more tales of my ongoing journey to live a healthier lifestyle. Thank you all for your encouragement and continued support. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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