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Year 2 Week 21 Operation Get Fit No Excuses

2016 versus 2019

It is now Year 2 Week 21 of my ongoing Operation Get Fit No Excuses!

I have limited my posts to every 2 weeks lately because I don’t want them to become repetitive or redundant. I always want to bring some sort of wisdom and encouragement to your own journey with my writing.

I had stayed around 68 kilos for a few months, not going up or down. Lately, that has changed and has been fluctuating between 69 and 70 kilos for a few weeks. I have to admit that at first, this terrified me. At first, I thought that my eating peanut butter was responsible for this. I quit eating it and briefly returned to 68 kilos, but went right back up to 69 on average.

As someone that’s worked so hard to loose weight and maintain that weight loss, it can be very scary to see the scale move even a small amount back in the wrong direction. I noticed that none of my clothes felt tighter so decided to see what my measurements said. It turns out I’m still the same size (measurement wise) as I have been for the past 5 months. So, why the weight gain?

I did some research and it says that many factors can contribute to it. Water retention and muscle gain are two of the main components that I believe are my reasons. I have been walking a lot more instead of varying my workouts like I was before when I was actively trying to lose weight. I have also been drinking more water as well as teas on a daily basis, so water weight gain is a very real thing. What will I do about it? Nothing.

Starting June 1st, I am going to not weigh myself for 1 month to see just what, if anything, changes. I will keep my exercise and diet the same. I am going to measure myself every week, on the same day and time. That way, I will get a more accurate picture if I am gaining, losing, or maintaining my figure. I am hoping that this will also help me wean myself off the scale and being so obsessed with staying at or under a certain number. It isn’t healthy mentally or emotionally for me to stay so focused on that one part of my overall health while ignoring other contributing factors.

Now, for an update on my Padrone. He has decided he would like to lose a couple more kilos and I am helping him by watching his diet closer and making him customized fruit and salad dishes so he doesn’t get bored or hungry while being able to eat and hopefully lose the weight he wants.

I will write more about both of our ongoing health journeys in a few weeks. Thanks for your support! If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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