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Year 2 Week 24. Operation Get Fit No Excuses

It’s Year 2 Week 24 of Operation Get Fit No Excuses. I haven’t posted in almost a month. There’s been a lot going on with us and I haven’t really had that much to talk about in the way of fitness. Things have been going well.

Now that I’ve been maintaining my current weight for so long, I struggle to find new ways to try to help motivate you all. I still have some issues with self-motivation and exercising every day. I honestly haven’t been doing my 30 minutes every single day. I workout many days in a row, then I’ll take a day off.

Sometimes, I can’t do anything because of my Epilepsy or just because life gets in the way. We’ve had a lot of unusual appointments that have interfered with many workouts. Despite those, June has turned out to be pretty good anyway.

I use the Apple Watch as one way keep me motivated. It gives me special challenges and gives me “gold stars” when I win. I hope that my blog posts get you motivated and that you are able to find other ways to stimulate you to stay on track.

I’m thinking of writing a monthly fitness post from now on, instead of the weekly ones I’ve done from the beginning. I may also add posts that touch on challenges a woman in her mid-40s may face in daily life. Let me know if that would be of interest to you.

I thank you all for the constant encouragement and support you’ve shown me since the beginning. If you would like me to continue with a bi-weekly motivational post about my fitness journey or fitness related topics in general, just let me know!

Make sure you continue to check out the website for new posts on the many subjects I write about.

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