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Year 2 Week 8 Summary: Operation Get Fit No Excuses

It’s Year 2 Week 8 of my #Operation #GetFit journey. Last week I didn’t post because I was having #Epilepsy related issues all week. Fortunately, I was still able to keep up with my exercise for the most part. While I didn’t exercise every day, I did manage to workout at least every other day.

It’s so frustrating to deal with chronic #fatigue, the inability to #sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a time, weird pains, and not knowing when an actual #seizure will hit. But, having lived with this illness the majority of my #life, I have learned to adapt as needed. It’s a great lesson to use for life in general as well.

I have to also admit that I have been craving and eating more calories and sweets than usual the past week too. I’m not sure if it’s due to my Epilepsy, hormones, or just a lack of discipline on my part. Every time I eat something more than normal, I feel #guilty and #worry that I will gain weight. I then think about how much extra exercise I will need to do to counteract the food I’ve eaten. It’s a bad cycle that I have to break out of. Even though I’ve been living and eating a #healthier #lifestyle for over a year now, I still have slip ups. It’s natural because I am only human.

The thing I do now is to realize early that I’m backtracking and to steer my #diet and myself back to the road of the straight and narrow. Luckily, I can say I haven’t gained any #weight because of my excess eating and sweets as of yet, but if I continue down this path, I definitely will. While I am not actively trying to lose more weight, I don’t want to gain any back either.

Weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle is a personal #commitment that will have ups and downs. There will be good and bad streaks. Sometimes I will have times where the only reason I exercise is because it’s habit and because I remind myself of my motto to “Get Fit No Excuses”. I know the majority of us fall off the wagon sometimes. But, you have to make the decision to not let go of that wagon. To get right back on it and keep riding it even when it’s bumpy.

I made a commitment to myself to get healthy, and now it’s to stay healthy, and I refuse to allow all my hard work to go to waste. I hope that in sharing my own #struggles, it will encourage you to stay with or return to your own path to a healthier life.

On another note, I want to share with you the awesome 1 year anniversary of my Padrone’s Lifestyle change. Last year, he was admitted to the hospital and came very close to not being around anymore because of the life choices he made. He stopped smoking cold turkey, changed the way he ate and lost 15 kilos in weight. I’m still trying to get him to exercise, even if it’s just a small walk in the mornings, but other than that, he’s done exceptionally well. I’m so proud of him!

Thank you all for continuing to follow along on my journey and I hope to see you again next week!

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