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Coronavirus: Things to do during lockdown

Hey all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new blog post so here it is!

Life has been hectic here for a spell. Since the #quarantine of all Italy, it’s actually forced me and my brain to focus and concentrate on writing and paying more attention to my social media pages.

In January, I wrote about how I felt bad and wasn’t in a good place mentally. In February, I was concentrating on getting everything prepared for my marriage on February 20th to my Padrone Marco. The #Coronavirus had hit Northern Italy already but there were no lockdown measures in place for our area. After we married, the government locked down the north a week later and the entire country 5 days after that. So, we’ve been in the apartment since March 8 without going outside except to take out trash.

Now, I’ve had a while to think up creative things to do while on #lockdown so here’s a list for you:

  1. Deep or spring clean one room each day.

  2. Read books. You can even expand your knowledge of #BDSM with many books available online.

  3. Learn to cook different foods. People say that bread is hard to come by. Why not by the ingredients and experiment with making your own?

  4. Exercise. Yes, it is possible to exercise in a small space without any equipment. Search YouTube for all types of “walking at home” or “chair cardio” exercises. There are also plenty of ones available for toning and muscle building without using weights.

  5. Watching tv. I’m sure there’s some shows you haven’t seen. Give them a try! You might enjoy one that you never thought you would.

  6. Writing. Have you thought about writing a book? Now may be the perfect time to try and see what comes up. You never know unless you sit down and start.

  7. Arts and crafts. Are you creative? Look around the house for small projects that could occupy your time and also help keep you happy.

  8. Social media. There’s so many sites that you haven’t explored on the internet that now may be a great time to go, search, and experiment with new sites . You may find some you like more than FB or IG.

  9. Virtual tours. Because so many people around the world are at home, many museums, art galleries, concert halls, and plays are offering free virtual tours of their facilities or past concerts/operas.

  10. Games. Playing games online or with family can pass many hours and actually bring you closer.

  11. Video chats with friends/family. Thankfully now a days, we aren’t stuck with voice only communication. If you’re missing a friend or family, chat over video with one of the many free apps available out there.

  12. Playing with pets. Many of our pets are used to being left at home alone while we’re out at work. Now is an awesome opportunity for you to play, snuggle, and relax with your fur babies.

  13. Finishing up projects. I know that we all have unfinished projects laying around that we always say we’re going to get to but we never find the time to. Now seems like the perfect time to get them done.

  14. Reconnect with kids/spouse. With our busy lives, we tend to get so caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of life that we don’t have conversations other than superficial ones with our families anymore. Take the time to spend it with those around and you may be surprised what you learn.

Now, hopefully I’ve given you some helpful advice on ways that you won’t get cabin fever. Remember that staying at home not only helps you not catch #COVID19, but ensures that you don’t spread it to others as well.

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